I picked up an off-road arcade game of mine from 5 years ago called Derbytown. I’ve learned a lot about programming since then so I’m ready to give it another shot and take it in the direction I wanted originally.

I added a yellow derby truck sprite I’d made with Sprite Stack and MagicaVoxel over a year ago, and it looks pretty good! I’m curious how it’ll look after the sprites are all cleaned up by hand. Thinking about whether I want to render it with prominent baked shadows and lighting (like many pre-rendered 3D games did) or stick with the more cartoony, self-lit 3D style (ex. Mega Man Legends) that I know I like. It’ll be much easier for me to edit later if it has simple shading so I’ll probably stick with it.

I’m starting over with the game so there’s no track yet. It’ll have a single-screen track rather than a large one like I’d done back then. I don’t like how turns and other drivers were off screen because the camera was so zoomed in. I may end up with a slight camera follow though because I think it might feel a little better that way.